Software Distribution

Learn more about software distribution through a QnA.

Where can I download your softwares?

We have a few places where you can safely download our softwares and applications, we call them "trusted sources":

I saw your softwares and applications on another website, are they safe?

The only places that are safe to download our softwares are GitHub, Léo Corporation Web Store and Xalyus Store. If you are downloading our softwares on third-party websites, we are not responsible if the file is containing malware or other threats that may damage your computer.

Have you published your softwares on third-party website?

No, we do not publish our software on third-party websites. For more informations, see "Where can you download our softwares?"

I got a warning by my antivirus that the app I downloaded was a threat despite being from a trusted source, is the app safe?

If you downloaded one of our software from either the official GitHub repo, the web store, or Xalyus Store, you have nothing to worry about. Those warnings are issued by your antivirus because our apps aren't signed with a valid certificate.